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Lawrence C. Dunbar II, a Rochester, New York native, is the creative mastermind behind Level Up with Lawrence. Now an alumnus of Monroe Community College (MCC), Morgan State University (MSU), and University of Southern California (USC). Lawrence C. Dunbar II holds an Associate of Science degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences, a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, and a Master of Social Work degree.  ​



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How Can I Help You

How I Can
Help You

One On One Coaching

As a one-on-one coach, some of my services can help you to:

  • Take ownership of your gifts

  • Push pass fear and live in the present

  • Embrace a healthy outlook on life

  • Achieve your goals and dreams

  • Communicate effectively and enhance relationships

  • Realize your “winner” is your inner self

  • Establish effective coping skills to deal with life challenges

  • Identify strengths and opportunities to maximize potential

  • Understand the value of your life and take meaningful action

  • Turn pain into triumph and face adversity with a million-dollar smile

Leadership &
results Coaching

As a leadership and career coach, some of my services can help you to:

  • Demonstrate accountability

  • Display genuine appreciation

  • Commit rather than just comply

  • Effectively inspire others

  • Make difficult decisions with a smile

  • Listen to learn and identify your talent

  • Follow the leader and lead by example

  • Efficiently acknowledge others’ accomplishment

  • Take ownership of your strengths and opportunities

  • Discover your aspirations and a clear path to achieve your goals

relationship coaching

As a relationship coach, some of my services can help you to:

  • Listen to Learn

  • Exercise the power of patience

  • Work as a team member

  • Communicate effectively

  • Demonstrate empathy for others

  • Display respect for others

  • Live healthy and purposefully

  • Embrace a different perspective and identity

  • Develop and achieve goals

  • Demonstrate humility 

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